Cattle entering the feeding and finishing phase at HPFY are processed through a sophisticated intake system collecting multiple data points to determine the most efficient feeding regimen. Cattle are evaluated by our team of veterinarians to identify potential problems early in the feeding cycle (20-30 days).

HPFY partners with many cattle feeding customers with know, predictable genetics. The majority of retained ownership partners have decades of historical results and understand the value of a genetic hedge in their cattle feeding investments.

GrowSafe & Feed Efficiency

Feed efficiency is arguably one of the last food animal frontiers to be scientifically dissected and genomically connected. Three HPFY pens are now equiped with ten GrowSafe nodes in each pen to montor and record feeding activity 24 hours a day. In addition to monitoring and recording feed consumption and bunk behavior, data is providing important information relative to early illness detection and docility. Individual information is recorded using EIDs. For more information about GrowSafe, contact Shannon Wharton, or (620) 640-2958.

Financing & Risk Management

HPFY customer programs include expert risk management protection and feed financing. Contact the HPFY office for more information and terms.